The True Cost Of Black Hat SEO

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seo costingDespite what most black hat skeptics might think, running a decent automation system isn’t cheap. Everything needs to align correctly for it to be a profitable venture, which is what we’re all after.

And it seems to be one of the first questions people have when approaching link building automation; how much is it going to cost?

We’re going to look at all the necessary pieces of software, hosting, proxies, captcha costs, etc. required to run a solid operation. The breakdown will be small, medium, large, for the system sizes. Cost breakdowns will be followed by potential output estimates.

We will also consider labor for spun content as this is crucial to feed our system with manually spun high quality content. So let’s get started and take some accounting to the link blasting game.

“Dirty Harry”
dirty harry 357This set up is sufficient for the weekend blaster. Looking to rank some YouTube videos in your spare time or spank a few parasites to the first page? This setup is for you. I always advise that beginners start small and scale up strategically, so this is perfect to get rolling on a budget and still make some noise. You’ll be running one server, with Ultimate Demon building the majority of your links. Using the link tree function you can build tier 2 and 3 links right in Ultimate Demon.  Using Scrapebox you can prepare all the necessary inputs and run comment blasts for tier 3, then let the good times roll. 50 proxies is the bare minimum to accomplish anything with scraping and volume submissions, so pony up. With this setup we are accounting for 50k captcha solves per month.

Software Requirements:
Ultimate Demon

Technical Requirements:
1 x 2gb VPS from PowerupHosting
50 private proxies

50k Captchas

Up front – $134
Monthly – $249

the terminatorNow we’re heating up a bit, this set up is going to give us some serious power. The beauty of running more than one VPS is it allows you to greatly increase efficiency and work flow. With this setup you can dedicate an entire server to building both tiers 1 and 2. The first VPS will run Ultimate Demon doing the majority of tier 1 link building and the second VPS will run GSA Search engine ranker doing the tier 2 heavy lifting. We have upped the amount of proxies to 200, since the way I see it, at this point we better shit or get off the pot.

This will allow you to run both pieces of software with 100 proxies in each, which is the equivalent to link building beast mode. And you also have the ability to scrape like a freak. Either stop everything and scrape with all 200 of your proxies at once or reduce the proxies in the software temporarily. For example, you could cut down to 60 proxies on each VPS and scrape with the available 80. This assuming you have a copy of ScrapeBox handy on your desktop as well.

200k captcha solves should leave room for plenty of spam. Running GSA now requires Kontent Machine which is an awesome little tool that scrapes and spins together tons of articles for tier 2 content. With this setup we are spending a few extra bucks per month on tools, an extra proxies can start enabling the whole system to run smoothly. If you skimp on proxies don’t come crying to me when the few you do have all get banned.

Software Requirements:
Ultimate Demon
GSA Search Engine Ranker
Kontent Machine

Technical Requirements:
2 x 3gb VPS from PowerupHosting
200 private proxies
GSA captcha breaker

200k Captchas

Upfront Cost – $380
Monthly Cost – $684

heisenburgThis is the setup that I run and it gives me enough power to blast link building hell fire all over the web. The potential is almost endless with this setup, and when you get in the groove, you can stack on an additional VPS as needed.

It may sound crazy, but there are people out there running 10 servers and straight dominating 24/7. So from that standpoint this setup is actually quite modest.

We’ll be running tier 1 with Ultimate Demon, GSA SER, and Rankwyz. Then dumping on the tiered links with GSA SER and Scrapebox. New additions are Serengines, Wordai, and Rankwyz.

Serengines is an awesome GSA addon that costs $14.95 per month and allows us to build super high PR web2s and repost to them. Easy money for adding some more quality to your first tier. Wordai is used for some tier 1 and tier 2 stuff when you want to maintain better quality on the content. It integrates with Kontent Machine just like The Best Spinner API making it easy. Rankwyz is the weapon of choice for building a nice blog network of web2 sites, further diversifying our link blasts and driving better rankings. It doesn’t get much better than this setup.

Software Requirements
Ultimate Demon
GSA Search Engine Ranker
Kontent Machine

Technical Requirements
3 x 4gb VPS from PowerupHosting
300 private proxies
GSA captcha breaker

300k Captchas

Upfront Cost – $380
Monthly Cost – $1,247

Labor and Content Spinning

The last thing to consider is labor. For the Dirty Harry system you will be able to get by on your own but for the Terminator and Heisenberg you’re going to need some extra hands for spinning. The content is a big challenge, and if you screw up establishing a steady flow, you’ll have a costly system not being fully utilized.

So getting your ducks in a row before jumping into this game is essential for ongoing success.

Average cost per Week for Filipino labor: $100-$150 per week.

Expected Output: 12 spun articles and 3 sets of titles and descriptions per week.

Spinning Standards:

  • Seed article written by spinner
  • Sentences rewritten 3 times
  • Words and phrases spun wherever make sense
  • Titles are rewritten 15 times

Depending on how you allocate your spinning over the tiers, at least one full time spinner is key to running a solid system. If you can utilize more content than one spinner is producing, hire an additional spinner. After you find a winner, groom them into a champion, then hire additional spinner as needed.

The Input Costs Per Campaign

To better help you wrap your mind around this type of system from a business standpoint, let’s lay some variable cost numbers to an actual campaign.

Required # of Spun Articles – 3-6

Required # of Spun Titles and Descriptions – 1-2

I put ranges on these quantities but we will chose an arbitrary amount for costing purposes. There are two main elements to consider when attempting to determine the necessary inputs for an effective campaign.

Estimated quantity of links needed on tier 1 and potential outputs per spinner.

Between these two figures we should be able to estimate how much content is needed for a solid campaign.

Start by checking out the competition and factoring in your domain’s existing link profile and age.

You see it’s very tough to give an exact number for the amount of links needed to rank.

Sometimes just a handful of juiced up tier 1 links will stomp everyone out. Other times you’ll need several hundred tier 1s along with some other authority links sprinkled in.

The minimum I typically go with is 3 spun articles and 2 sets of titles and descriptions. But for my super money campaigns, I’ll go with 6 spinners.

This gives me more flexibility and I can put my foot on the gas as needed. It also leaves room for using Rankwyz to hit blogs with multiple posts along with manual submissions on tougher sites.

For the purposes of our analysis we will use the following:

Target # of Tier 1 Links Per Campaign ~300
Potential # of Outputs per Spun Article ~75
Potential # of Outputs per Spun Title and Descriptions ~50

Primary link types for Tier 1 – High PR articles, wikis, web2s, docshare, and press releases.

Secondary link types for Tier 1 – Social bookmarks, directories.

Notice I said High PR and also bolded and underlined it for tier 1.

Before you start rubbing your Matt Cutts bobble head and chuckling about social bookmarks, jump down off your white hat high horse and take a deep breath of SEO reality.

High PR sites are still authoritative to Google!! Sure it’s not the end all be all metric, but it’s quick and dirty and it works. Usually a dofollow link from a PR 6 site is valuable. And some natural social bookmarks make sense right? So don’t go crazy on them hitting every pligg site on this side of the web spam rainbow, be selective and push for quality on tier 1.

Ok so now I’ve gone on a rant about social bookmarks, but the same applies for the other above mentioned link types. Quality sites, quality outputs, dofollow links, good times. Simple as that.

And notice I didn’t mention forum profiles and other equally shitty link types? Because they’re shit and don’t make a quality tier 1 link.

I also have a feeling that many people will want me to put a number to the dofollow vs nofollow and high PR vs 0/NA on tier 1 dilemma. So I’ll save this post the comments.

You always need a natural mix, and the same holds true for the PR spread of your tier 1 links. 300 links all on PR 3+ domains might look a bit strange right? So we need to mix in some lower PR, PR 0, and PR na domains in the link profile.

Just like the social bookmark example, since I promised a number, I will recommend 60%.

60% of your tier 1 links aim for high PR sites and the other 40% mix it up.

Now the dofollow % is a bit more of a loaded question. Because this can vary greatly. I’ve seen pages rank with shit tons of nofollow links just fine, which I have no explanation for other then nofollow links pass substantial juice.

The thing is we are trying to emulate a natural backlink profile, which will always contain a natural mix of dofollow and nofollow links. Once again though, since I promised to stick a number on it, here it is.

30%, don’t let your nofollow ratio fall under 30%. And don’t let it exceed 70%.

Ok so now that we have that briefly covered we can move on, it didn’t seem right to throw out a bunch of link quantities and other numbers without some explanation, so there you have it.

We now have the following variable cost inputs, a full time spinner at $125 per week producing 12 spinners and 6 sets of titles and descriptions sets the cost.

Price per spun article – $9
Price per spun title and description – $2

3 spun articles – $27
2 sets of titles and descriptions – $6
Hours to prepare and input data – 3 hours at $5 per hour (adjust this as needed)

Total variable cost per campaign – $33
Total labor cost per campaign – $15

With this setup, you’ll get about 300 tier 1 links if you push each spinner to 75 outputs and each title and description set to 40 outputs.

Use The Best Spinner generate and compare function to get a gauge for how far your spinners will go. Obviously push for as much uniqueness as possible but you can not go past the point where uniqueness is severely compromised, this will result in diminishing returns.


So there you have it, with a VA setting up the campaign, you can get it done for under $50 a pop, and trust me, this beats any BHW or Wickedfire package you’ll ever find.

Since with those you’ll be paying more for someone to run the same software and post to crappy sites with terribly spun content pushed for way too many outputs. The ability to control content, anchor text, and target sites makes or breaks these campaigns, so it’s DIY or nothing.

Final Thoughts
This post started as me just jotting down a few numbers to cost out some link building systems but wound up turning into something else. Almost like a black hat SEO business proposal without the potential profitability section. Since the potential profitability heavily depends on the way we are building sites and the vertical you’re going after, this section is up to you.

If you have a stacked portfolio of aged domains and an endless untapped niche to dominate, get the ball rolling asap. If you just plan on farting around with some YouTube videos made by the cutest girl you can find on Fiverr, starting small makes sense.

You don’t go buying 5 servers and hiring a small village in the Philippines without a solid model for extracting profit on an ongoing basis. I have mentioned before that I am heavily in the coupon SEO vertical and this has allowed me to focus on creating rank schemes and automation systems with the sole purpose of ranking and banking. But there is way more to it than that, finding the right partners, how to construct decent sites, parasite models, managing and updating, etc. all play a crucial role.

So remember, you could have the ultimate rank station but if you haven’t backed it up with a profitable affiliate, lead gen, or solid client model, you’re fucked.

Referenced tools and Prices

Tier 1, 2, and 3
Ultimate Demon
One Time Price: $397 Monthly Price: $47

GSA Search Engine Ranker
One Time Price: $99 Monthly Price: NA

GSA Addon –
One Time Price: NA Monthly Price: $14.95

One Time Price: $57 Monthly Price: NA

One Time Price: NA Monthly Price: $47/$67/$97

Content Creation
Kontent Machine
One Time Price: NA Monthly Price: $37

One Time Price: NA Monthly Price: $49.95

One Time Price: NA Monthly Price: $6.42 (billed $77 yearly)

Monthly Price: $50/$80/$90 per server

Powerup Proxies
Monthly Price: Between $1.30-$2.40 per private proxy depending on quantity.

GSA captcha breaker
One Time Price: $147

Death by Captcha
Per 10k captchas: $13.90

Per 10k captchas: $13


  1. David says

    I love the way you simplify your writing, everything just makes sense! I’m still trolling through all your awesome content, so I apologize if I’ve missed anything related to my question, but, I hear all over the place about money sites, and I know what they consist of, but I can’t seem to find any concise instructions on the method to building a profitable one out, how to scale it and easily duplicate it (maybe backup buddy or something? You dominate the systems, so I figure you have a cheeky method. That would make an awesome post (or an awesome link).

    Great work, and thank you, Matt Cutts would be proud lol

  2. Chris says

    Epic Post! Just wanted to ask about your VA’s/spinners. I’m guessing your team writes all of your manually spun content. Any tips on how to find great filipino writers who can do all of this stuff up to the required level of quality?


  3. says

    What awesome timing for this, someone recently asked me to write up a prospectus for a spam campaign. Granted, the dude’s probably a scammer, but anyway…

    Aside from a few differences, this looks damned similar to my own plan. Do you really think the extra 15 bucks for SEREngines is worth it, rather than using it for, say, an upgrade to one’s RankWyz subscription?

    • says

      I’m curious about this as well — how are you using SERengines vs. RankWYZ. Both in the 1st tier? Wondering if it’d really need both or just one to do a Heisenberg. Thanks for the excellent post btw!

      • says

        Meh serengines blows donkey dicks now days, and rankwyz is annoying because you still need some sort of manual account creation. I hate spending any manual time on web2s, good links but not worth any manual grinding.

  4. max says

    Hi, great post jacob, do you know any great tutorial for spinning? And do you think creating a english tier 2 for a spanish tier 1 is safe? Thank you in advance

  5. Mark says

    Hi Jacob, this is a really interesting post and has filled in one of the gaps i had on my cashflow which was the number of captchas needed for a beginner like me.

    Incidentally. what sort of income range would you expect to be able to generate when using each level of the system??



    • says

      That really depends, say you smash some really killer rankings with one campaign and make $10k per month or yield minimal returns depending on your skill of operation and the niche you’re going after. Yeah that’s a really tough question, so many factors to weigh in.

  6. says

    Another interesting post, thanks dude – funny as well…

    A couple of questions regarding VA’s: I am at the point where I need a VA to spin and do some other tasks. I have been looking at VA’s on They vary from $250 to $400 a month.

    What is your experience with hiring these guys? Obviously I need someone who has an excellent command of English, and the rest I can just teach. What are the other skill sets you look out for?

    Have you had experience of the different levels in skill level between the the two rates of pay?

    Have you had any VA’s self-harm after prolonged periods of spinning?

    • says

      Hey Nick, I have quite a bit of experience hiring spinners.

      It is really what sets a system apart from other people using the same techniques. You need high quality spins for a reasonable cost, which can be easier said than done.

      My advice is to create a replicable system for hiring which you can use to find the “gems” out there.

      Pay wise, $100-$110 per week is usually the starting rate which gives you room to give small raises over time. the skills I look for are good communication, attention to detail, and ability to ask questions and take criticism.

      Remember that you’re dealing with a complete different culture that sees thing differently than you are probably accustomed to.

      Learn about the people, use your gut and eventually you’ll find a badass. Then be sure to foster that relationship and keep them going strong. From my experience women have always been the best fit for content spinning, not being sexist, that’s just been my experience.

      I do have one spinner that is at a higher pay level than the others but she has earned that spot over time for outstanding performance and consistency. Consistency is huge with this job and you must put mechanisms in place to prevent spinners from getting lazy. For example, regular uniqueness, word count, and quality/readability checks. I could go on and on about hiring and working with VAs, for now that’s all I got for you.

      • says

        Thank you for the detailed reply – a good heads up.

        There’s probably another post in there somewhere…

        Did I understand correctly that you get your VA’s to write the article as well as spin it?

        • says

          Yes that’s what I do usually but you don’t always have to do it that way. Actually for an ideal workflow you might want to offload the article writing and have your top level spinners just focus on spinning.

          Since it can be difficult to find high skilled spinners that get “it” that can spin at the word/phrase level flawlessly. For this reason I have leaned on those spinners more when we needing to ramp up production. But when things are running along as usual I just have them write the seed and spin it because it’s less of a hassle.

  7. Min says

    Hi Jacob,
    I`ve been a reader of your blog ever since Pointblankseo referred me to one of your posts.
    I`m still waiting for your post about ranking videos though!

  8. says

    You costs are too high. You are greatly overpaying for a lot of stuff but underpaying for other important tools. You need a lot less resources to spam the shit out of Google.

    If you are running on tools alone, your manual spinners are a waste of money. This is unnecessary as you spam away anyway.

    Also, I appreciate you pushing SquidProxies but they are pussies. You start scrapeboxing and they put you on slow as your grandma Romanian proxies that are absolutely unusable.

    Just me two cents.


    • says

      Hey cash, thanks for dropping in.

      How would you suggest I cut down on the expenses? I know I’m going heavy on proxies but from my experience it is worth it.

      I didn’t know Squidproxies pulled anything like that, just on speed the set I tested killed buyproxies.

      Now I feel like a dickhead for recommending Squid. If you have any suggestion on how to make this cheaper I would love to hear them. For my own business as well.

  9. says

    Hi Jacob. Thanks for the post. I’ve got a bit of spare time this week so going to dip my toe. Just bought the Dirty Harry kit (already had a VPS). Gonna try and rank some YouTube videos. Will be back to let you know how I get on. PS. Thanks for the Scrapebox discount, I was humming and arghing for ages with that anyway because of you and Chris Dyson.

  10. says

    Thanks for another great write-up Jacob.

    IMO it’s best for beginners to start with software that has a 1-time fee. You will get the hang of why you need it and what you can use it for. If you think you need software subscriptions later, then you will be better understand the value and what you can use it for.

    • says

      GA is fine, but I would NEVER use it on multiple sites you are spamming and don’t want connected.

      In that case, use clicky, watch sever stats, rankings, and affiliate link clicks. Between all those you should be good to go.

      I use GA for this blog and a few other super money sites, besides that I either use nothing or the above.

  11. Ruthanne Crosby says

    Hello Jacob,

    Thanks for sharing all tools cost, seems like it’s not in my budget :( Will try to buy the tools one by one.


  12. Dan says

    Hey Jacob,

    Another banger of a writeup!

    Two tiny things:
    1. Would grabbing a VPS with more RAM and drive space suffice for the Terminator level of blasting away?

    2. Have you looked into migrating the Spetsnaz Config from ZontSEO into UD? That could cut back on your captcha costs and leave the humanized solving at a minimum and drop your costs heavily.

    I’ve used it before when I was a die-hard SEO for a national fitness franchise using SENuke and a few other antiquated tools. Did wonders with that configuration in-office, saved me a lot of troubleshooting and configuration.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been doing hardcore campaigns (15-30 daily at the old job), so I’m looking to hone my chops again and kill it locally and with a few authority sites I’m looking to build out and rent.

    Thanks for the write-up and of course, the video tutorials for me to implement my own spin with.


    • says

      Hey Dan, thanks dude, lots of good info in this post.

      Not really since you still won’t be able to run GSA and UD simultaneously on one VPS.

      You can either run them separately on the same VPS, run two VPS, or run one copy locally and one on VPS.

      I haven’t used the Spetsnaz config but doens’t that run your tasks at the times of day when captchas are cheapest?

      Also GSA Captcha Breaker is pretty amazing, solves a TON of captchas on auto. Hit the forum dude, let’s chat.

  13. Andrew says

    Do Juiced Up Tier 1 Links have that much effect? I am about to create my own Web 2.0 Network via RankWYZ and spam them like hell with GSA..

    Anyways, great advice how to use automation tools to the fullest..


    • says

      Yes of course they do.

      Especially when you build your tiers correctly with contextual dofollow links making up the majority of your tier 1 and 2 links. Pushing PR and juice to the tier 1s in a way that would never be possible without automated links.

  14. says

    Hi Jacob. Came across your blog last night while searching for GSA. Spent hours reading your posts! Nice to see some no BS SEO talk.

    Have spent weeks on manual link building I’m going to take the plunge and purchase GSA. When it comes to private proxies, can I start with a smaller amount than 50 then scale up? If I was using say, 10 or 25 proxies, I assuming that I would get the same results but at a much slower speed. Is this correct?


    • says

      Hey Stew, depending on what you have GSA processing you will have a tough time with small amounts of proxies. But you can use shared and private proxies both to cut cost.

      If you’re doing PR checking for example then shared proxies are great to hammer on. Just save your set of shared proxies as public, set only use public and your options, then it will be using your shared proxies for PR checking. Then upload your private, set to private, and use those for scraping search engines and submissions.

      The ideal way to run GSA is with your own predefined site lists, this way GSA is only submitting and creating links. The proxies really come into play with search engine scraping and PR checking. This is why i like to run Scrapebox for my site scraping and PR checking then let GSA do its thing with submitting and processing sites.

      GSA also scrapes public proxies but they won’t get you far. So I’d say at least 10 shared and 10 private to get started, but I’ve always run with 100 private proxies so you’ll have to figure it out.

  15. Ricky Dawn says

    Couldn’t agree more, Black Hat is expensive – but it can have great returns.

    These costs are without other potential costs as well i.e. Themes, Plugins, Freelancers.

    When I first started I used to use Fiverr to get Xrumer / SeNuke blasts and this is still an option, they also have GSA gigs now. Out of curiosity why do you have both UD and GSA?

    • says

      This article is outdated, the setup I was using was UD for tier 1 and GSA for tiers 2 and 3. Oh man any GSA gig on fiverr is gonna be so terrible it wouldn’t be worth it even if they paid you $5. Imagine the shit target site list they’re gonna post to, I break my back scraping for good target sites, def wouldn’t be hammering my goodens if I sold anything.

      • Muffins says

        Haha but you wouldnt know this until you ran GSA Ser yourself. I paid for 4 fivver gigs before i ponied up and bought GSA Ser…. then i was like… “man…. they did a shit job”

  16. PrIyAnGsHu BG says

    Hi Jacob, great post, quite well explained. I have started using Magic Submitter and looking for a good captcha solving service which could come up with affordable costs. Which is the best in terms of solving accuracy and price?

  17. mindlesswizard says

    Hey Jacob ! I am thinking of getting UD !! Not sure if your would advice me to get that for tier 1 or not ! i have seen quite good reviews + bad as well but i think this is something that should be purchased to get my hands dirty with SEO !!

    Let me know your thoughts

      • mindlesswizard says

        I went through the articles already before. I already have GSA SER but i do not use it directly to the money site. The only problem with GSA SER is the limit to create web 2.0 backlinks ( which i do manually ) but following “Matthew” tutorial it looks like UD can do the web 2.0 job pretty well. Any thoughts ?

        • says

          SER can post to the same exact “web2.0″ platforms that UD can and more.

          UD has some custom defined platforms like .Wordpress but you can get that same ability with sereengines (a $10 per month addon) and have wayyyy more control over the posting and re-posting. UD is a piece of shit.

          • mindlesswizard says

            Damn !!! I was so longing to get a license of UD !!! Thanks for saving my ass man :P

            Well, i do not have good success rate with GSA SER for web 2.0. Most probably because i am just using GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER or is it something else ?? Can you reflect some light of your experience on this matter ??? This is the only reason why i was going to get a UD , just for web 2.0 sites.

            I am going to try out the GSA SER engines shit as well. Do you have any affiliate link ?

          • says

            Yes you’re gonna have problems with those premium sites and Captcha breaker, most likely they use recaptcha which CB can’t solve very well. DON’T buy UD just for web2s, web2s aren’t that spectacular anywho, SER all day. Try out rankwyz if you really want to create some money web2s with multiple posts and what not.

          • mindlesswizard says

            Well i think GSA SER is quite limited with web 2,0 platform. I have seen it in GSA forums as well :(.
            But SER Engines looks promising ! Do you have any affiliate link for SER engines ?

            Sorry i am asking a lot of questions :D

            But do your use GSA SER directly to your money site ?? Also when GSA is done creating the tier 1 to your money site .. what is the next step ? You run out of target list no ?

          • says

            The only thing UD can post to is like 15 sites they have hand coded and keep updated. SErengines does the same exact thing but has a larger list from what I remember. No aff link for that, no worries. The “web2.0″ platform is platforms like jcow, elgg, phpfox, etc << These are open source platforms that SEO software (both UD and GSA) are designed to register and submit to.

            Site like Tumblr for example (the traditional web2) are custom platforms which require a custom script to post, hence the few in UD hits GSA does not. Sure I blast GSA at my money site, depends on the site of course, no need to go blasting at my blog here for example. But it’s all in the filters and quality site list. When GSA is done creating T1, then start blasting T2 and T3, duh. No worries on the questions man, you’re actually doing something.

  18. says

    Jacob my man, this is an awesome post for those starting out in the SEO world. My search that brought me here was about VPS servers and running software and I think you answered it well.

    I am collecting all my one time fee softwares + getting my head around using these while also doing Keyword research with LTP & Market Samurai, having content created and building a PBN and before I launch into monthly fees!

    It ain’t easy! Cheers for all the great info here

    • says

      Hell yeah, yeah my blog is pulling some serious rank lately. I think Cutts manually tuned my site so I’ll go all white hat and start blogging about content is king ;-)

      • Adam says

        He might just be following you! Yourself, Pritesh and Mathew WW dominate anything related to GSA and tiered link building 100% Jacob.. I’m the one on the other searching for the info!

  19. says

    hi man, how’s things? I see this threads getting a lot of GSA and SER engines love so I thought I’d share my case study with you. I meant to share this a while ago but forgot:

    This site was ranked on spam alone.

    It continues to do well and has taken top slots for 5 terms now. Every time it drops I just turn up GSA a notch or two and it takes number 1 back.

    Does this make me a bad person?

  20. Kristina Lacida says

    I simply want to tell you that I am all new to blogging and honestly loved this web page. Very likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You definitely have remarkable stories. Thanks a bunch for sharing your web page.

  21. Vikram says

    Since you obviously recommend GSA over UD now, I think it’s time to update this post. :-)

    Here’s my take on a “Dirty Harry” setup:

    GSA Search Engine Ranker – $90
    GSA Captcha Breaker – $117

    Kontent Machine – $37/month
    Proxies – $20/month
    VPS – $23/month

    Total upfront payment: $207
    Monthly payment: $80/month

    That seems more effective, both in terms of cost and SEO effectiveness, no?

    • says

      Yeah man looks good, definitely need to update this, shit maybe I’ll just 301 it at the broken tiered link building post, damn SEO. Yeah UD is for noobs and retards.

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