A Man, A Marketer, A Dude

jacob kingWithout wasting your time telling you a bunch of worthless crap about myself, I will list the reasons why I created this site.

Note: These reasons are in priority order.

1. Because I’m an Internet Marketer and I get very bored sometimes.

2. The domain jacobking.com was available on some flipper site for $500 and I had to have it (yes I got ripped off).

3. I wanted to rank #1 for my name and naturally since EMDs are so effective it was easy ;-)

Me: Hi, I do SEO.

Random person: Sweet, how do I find you?

Me: Google “Jacob King” son.

All SEO, zero bullshit, and a few shenanigans sprinkled in.

Phew, that was tough to write. Now back to SEOing shit.

Contact Me

Need to get in touch with me? Email – jacob (at) jacobking.com

P.S. Don’t be the guy who asks for free SEO advice.

P.P.S. I don’t do client services, to much hassle, sorry bros.

Testimonials From My Loyal Fans

Still not convinced I’m the most badass SERP slaying SEO around? Check out these testimonials from my loyal readers who have activated SEO beast mode and taken their SEO game to the next level.

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Matt Cutts Hater

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Good times, now go read some of my posts bros!