A Man, A Marketer, A Dude

jacob kingWithout wasting your time telling you a bunch of worthless crap about myself, I will list the reasons why I created this site.

Note: These reasons are in priority order.

1. Because I’m an Internet Marketer and I get very bored sometimes.

2. The domain jacobking.com was available on some flipper site for $500 and I had to have it (yes I got ripped off).

3. I wanted to rank #1 for my name and naturally since EMDs are so effective it was easy ;-)

Me: Hi, I do SEO.

Client: Sweet, how do I find you?

Me: Google “Jacob King” son.

All SEO, zero bullshit, and a few shenanigans sprinkled in.

Phew, that was tough to write. Now back to SEOing shit.

Contact Me

Need to get in touch with me for business purposes? Email – jacob (at) jacobking.com

P.S. Don’t be the guy who asks for free SEO advice.


Yup, I’m also so kick ass that I have testimonials from my loyal readers.


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