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The Art of No Fucks Given (NFG) SEO

Are you ready to start ranking sites again? Like it was "back in the day" when you could practically fiddle Google rankings around and whoever spammed the hardest won the day? Well I never stopped trying, I refused to accept that the spam and jam days had come to an end. It's still possible, they're still doing it, but why aren't you? Well it's ... Read More →

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Why Your Tiered Links Won’t Rank Sh*t

Don't worry, you can let your guard down, you haven't been clickbaited. Not long ago, I realized my tiered link building system and many others such as Matthew Woodward's is completely broken. Upon my initial discovery I felt a mix of emotions; frustration, shock, and all around discomfort. I realized in a single moment that I had been ... Read More →


Rankwyz Review and Discount Code – Rise and Shine, It’s Blog Network Time

Today we are going to be reviewing and walking through a brief tutorial on how to use Rankwyz, a blogging automation tool. Rankwyz has been around for quite a while but many people have a hard time connecting the tool to a solid rank strategy. They understand the concept and how everything works in Rankwyz but still have trouble implementing it ... Read More →

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The True Cost Of Black Hat SEO

Despite what most black hat skeptics might think, running a decent automation system isn't cheap. Everything needs to align correctly for it to be a profitable venture, which is what we're all after. And it seems to be one of the first questions people have when approaching link building automation; how much is it going to cost? We're going ... Read More →

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Dirty Link Building Tools Every Link Builder Should Have

Dirty, filthy, disgusting link building. You love it, don't lie. Ok you don't have to love it, but if you're a smart SEO, even in 2014 you'll respect it. Tactics come and go but many tools have remained a staple of automated link building for one main reason, they work. With the right operator behind them and an effective strategy all the tools ... Read More →

Glengarry Glen Ross ABC Affiliate

How To Cloak Affiliate Links – Quick and Dirty WordPress Tutorial

Every day I browse the web and find sites with affiliate links that are uncloaked. It puzzles me quite a bit. Usually I move on, chuckle to myself, and continue to be meticulous about my affiliate link handling and onsite usage. But today is different, today I'm going to give back to all my fellow affiliates and SEOs with an easy to follow ... Read More →

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Where to Buy the Best Private Proxies for SEO Shenanigans

**Special Update** After receiving quite a bit of feedback, Squidproxies has been blowing some serious ass. Based on this terrible feedback, my advice is to avoid these guys. is taking the title as the top proxy provider by default, I'd like more speed but at least they get the job done, unlike Squid who can't even seem to ... Read More →

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The Ultimate Guide to Scrapebox SEO

This guide is going to teach you how to become a Scrapebox master, so brace yourself. For years the SEO community has been needing one true ultimate Scrapebox tutorial, however, no SEO has been brave enough to see it all the way through. At first, I thought it would be impossible to complete. But then five weeks and 9,000 words later it was finally ... Read More →