The Black Hat SEO Community for Real Badasses

People have been asking more about BlackHatStacks (BHS), what exactly it is and what's inside, this post will give you a quick overview. For a long time now SEOs have been wanting more in depth tutorials and advanced guides for things like GSA search engine ranker and private blog networks. Well the problem is, we can't all be running the same ... Read More →

How to Be an SEO Badass for FREE!

How much money do you spend per month on SEO tools and monthly services? Backlink checkers, hosting, proxies, the list goes on and on. Now there are plenty of posts out there listing the paid tools but not so many listing all the cool free stuff that's available. And after doing SEO for a longggggg time, it turns out that there are some pretty ... Read More →

Make #MoneyHatSEO Is The Only Kind That Matters

News flash, 99.9999% of SEOs have their heads completely shoved directly up their own asses. Black hat, white hat, blue hat, blah blah blah. For one, if you see your favorite talking head even discussing this topic and what color hat they sport, they're lost as well. It's not about hats, it's about money, that is all that matters, ... Read More →

SSL is a Ranking Factor, and So Are My Balls

Golf clap Google, you guys really know how to get them SEOs dancing around. Well you're not fooling this guy, nor will you fool my loyal subscriber base who has waited 4 months for a post from me. This morning my Twitter feed has been like some disgusting game of hot potato with a turd of Google propaganda. SSL ALL THE THINGS!!!— Jon ... Read More →

The Art of No Fucks Given (NFG) SEO

Are you ready to start ranking sites again? Like it was "back in the day" when you could practically fiddle Google rankings around and whoever spammed the hardest won the day? Well I never stopped trying, I refused to accept that the spam and jam days had come to an end. It's still possible, they're still doing it, but why aren't you? Well it's ... Read More →

Linkpocalypse Now – The Horror of Negative SEO

While the search engine world has been aflutter over Panda and Penguin, a much more insidious problem is happening right now. Negative SEO, also known as Google Bowling, is the practice of spamming competitive websites with backlinks to devalue them in the search engines. While the search engines brush off this practice, we're here to show the ... Read More →

The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO for WordPress

Alright, it's 2014 and we're still doing this on-page SEO thing. Apparently Google bot hasn't developed a brain yet and needs some guidance on what web pages are actually about. With that in mind, it seemed like the best way to teach the process was actually optimizing a page together, and what better page than this? Sounds fun right? Before ... Read More →

How WPEngine Is Failboating Your SEO and Leaking Your Information

If you're hosting sites with WP Engine then the following article might ruffle your feathers a bit. From the amount of indexed Google results you'll see in a moment, we estimate that at least a few hundred thousand websites are currently running with potential SEO flaws. Plus, to make matters worse, there are countless development sites ... Read More →