The Black Hat SEO Community for Real Badasses

People have been asking more about BlackHatStacks (BHS), what exactly it is and what's inside, this post will give you a quick overview. For a long time now SEOs have been wanting more in depth tutorials and advanced guides for things like GSA search engine ranker and private blog networks. Well the problem is, we can't all be running the same ... Read More →

The Google Ventures Billion Dollar SEO Empire

Have you ever taken some time to reflect on Google's massive list of acquisitions and mergers? It's a bit scary if you do. Actually, it might make some of you go hide in the woods before the robots arrive and take over. For the uninitiated, check out this list on Wikipedia and just scan through some of those prices. Is this for real? ... Read More →

How to Choose a Niche with Big Boy Pants

How much money did you make from SEO last year? Sorry for that uncomfortable question but you really need to look deep when evaluating where you've put down your roots. In this post we will be covering the process of choosing a profitable niche to gun after. We tend to glaze over and focus more on the means (link building on-page) instead of the ... Read More →

How to Create a Blog That Isn’t a Complete Pile of Shit

So many people talk about starting a blog but very few take action on it. Of those that do, very few actually build something long term and ever "make it" with their blog. Now I’m not going to claim to be some blogging guru by any means, just someone who has been on the battlefield long enough to have stacked some knowledge on this grind and ... Read More →

How to Find Affiliate Keywords – Quick and Dirty

Ahh affiliate marketing, the life blood of good SEO spam. This is how I put food on the table; affiliate marketing driven by SEO. But how do you find good keywords? Today we will be going through a painfully simple way to find some good affiliate keywords to help you stack some more chips. We're not doing anything revolutionary, but making ... Read More →

How to Hire Virtual Assistants and Outsource SEO Like a Boss

Along this SEO journey you might find the need to outsource certain tasks or even hire a virtual assistant. After personally outsourcing a range of SEO related work over the years I'm going to share my process so you can do likewise. Before we get started though, you need to do a through analysis of the tasks that need to be outsourced and have a ... Read More →

Broken Link Building Is Easy Kids!

Today we're going to watch a quick video of how you can use Scrapebox to check broken links. Sure this broken link building stuff is a bit white hat for me but hey who am I to judge? What I can't handle, is watching my fellow SEOs waste shitloads of time doing things manually that can be accomplished with something like Scrapebox. After seeing a ... Read More →

SERPWoo Review – How to Enable SEO God Mode

What the hell is this tool SERPWoo and why do we keep hearing about it everywhere? Well if you've ever browsed some of the big internet marketing forums like WickedFire then you've likely heard of "CCarter". Now this dude is a straight hustler there is no doubt about that. You guys can easily find more of his work with a few quick searches. ... Read More →