The Art of No Fucks Given (NFG) SEO

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nfg seoAre you ready to start ranking sites again? Like it was “back in the day” when you could practically fiddle Google rankings around and whoever spammed the hardest won the day? Well I never stopped trying, I refused to accept that the spam and jam days had come to an end.

It’s still possible, they’re still doing it, but why aren’t you? Well it’s a lot of things causing you to fail, but the demon at the gates which Google has sneakily built in is what you need to tackle. If you can conquer this demon, then you’ll have the keys back and SEO will become your bitch again.

You need to start doing SEO without giving a fuck…

That’s right, you just read the word “fuck”, if this bothers you then you definitely don’t have the stomach for ranking sites in 2014, you should probably hang it up all together. But if you feel charged up and still have that fire burning to get back to smashing rankings, today is your day.

For those with hats, bring it on in the comment section, because the following statements are probably going to piss you off a bit.

1. Content does not matter. Period, end scene, write another script. If you think it does, then Google has got you right where they want you. The game is based on the next two things.

2. Links are everything. Links, links, links, and good ones. What the shit does “good ones” mean? Man that is something so tossed up like “quality content”. Heard of PageRank? Well apparently that dude Larry Page was on to something with that metric, since it’s how you absolutely kill top rankings, PR links. And their weight has only INCREASED since Google has tightened their grip on automated spam.

Don’t believe me? Think PageRank is an outdated metric and DA (domain authority) is the beez neez? Well it’s no surprise you’re having such a tough time hitting P1.

You want some domain authority? Send me a couple URLs, I’ll smash on them with GSA search engine ranker for a week or two and hook you up with some solid DA 40+ spamalation. You see, DA does not account for spam, in fact, it scales with spam, so it’s quite possibly the most useless metric in SEO right now. On the other hand, I’m really liking Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow or TF, not the end all be all but it’s the best we’ve got currently.

Active PR does not scale with spam, try to GSA spam me a PR 6 domain, it’s not happening. When you realize that, you might start reconsidering how you go about getting links.

3. Anchor Text – Now that points one and two are starting to sink in, you’ll hopefully soon realize that anchor text is Google’s last line of defense next to confusing you with FUD and propaganda. And this is where I hope the power will start to shift back for a small % of us. Google is completely fucked, the reality is good spam ranks and bad spam can literally remove sites in a matter of weeks.

So with that all said, what is your best move?

It’s NFG or “No fucks given SEO”. Buy and cheat your way to the top, do whatever it takes to be #1, the guys telling you that’s not what this is all about have given up and stopped fighting. And what have they been rewarded with? More scrutiny and more slaps for the stupidest of infractions. Myblogguest? Are you fucking kidding me? Got me scared to even link to the damn domain.

Google, you suck, almost as much as FaceBook. But don’t worry, you’re closing in fast.

The above tweet from my buddy Chris sums up the reality of where SEO is in 2014. The reality is that Google has lulled us into a false sense of security that can be taken away by your competitor who decides to reward you with a fiverr spam blast for your great content efforts.

It’s time to start doing NFG SEO and realizing what’s actually happened with the game over the last few years. With penguin, the entire paradigm shifted, what we were ALL doing to rank sites suddenly backfired and became the very thing that caused us to tank. Not only that but it spawned a full on industry of link cleanup tools and services. Link cleanups? Are you fucking kidding me?

And now where are we, pacing around like a bunch of lost sheep considering dropping a nice neatly placed message to Google on every link we build (the nofollow tag)? Not me, not now, and not ever. Because you see Google, for me, I just don’t give a fuck. I stayed the course, I’m still spamming and ranking sites, in fact it’s easier than ever now that you’re leaning on authority links so goddamn much.

If you’d like to join me, then today you must let go, let go of everything you’ve been indoctrinated with and stop giving a fuck, build links like you just downloaded your first copy of Senuke and you’re ready to spam the world. Test that algo every day like it’s your last and please stop listening to him. It’s much more than the tactics or the blog networks, it’s the mindset they’re after, it’s NFG they want to stop, so come on SEOs, it’s time to stop giving a fuck.

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  1. says

    Even MozRank is more useful than DA. Only because there’s a high correlation between a big difference between PR and MozRank, and a spammy site. For example, PR 2 with MozRank of 6.23 is always spammy (if you’re grey building) and tends to drop to PR during the biannual PR updates.

    • aaron says

      Cause & effect correlation in some such metrics is precisely backward. Look back a few years to when people were complaining about artificially high domain authority scores associated with many smaller exact match domains with few inbound links. Once people complained about it there was something like “oh we made an error” & a bit of an explanation about how the numbers are massaged to better align with the results.

      The real lesson from that “error” was that exact match domains were (at least then) still highly effective. But rather than promoting EMDs at the time, that metric error was used in part to promote the idea of exact matching domain names being spam.

      Years before that when EMDs were pretty darn cheap there were quotes like here “a lot of people ask if it’s important to register a domain that has a relevant keyword in it (e.g., for “computer parts” vs. “”). Vanessa said that it doesn’t matter much from a search engine perspective”

      …which sort of suggested they were ineffective.

      So really that ranking factor was largely dismissed or demoted until it was so obvious that it could no longer be ignored, and by the time it was acknowledged it was already a “spam” problem needing to be fixed.

    • says

      Ha, April 1st actually had nothing to do with it. Was eating dinner last night, got the urge, and the 4 month dry spell was over. Now I’ve gotta battle all these April fools bullshitters with my post today.

      • Sr says

        Haha first they tell us “create great content” then they tell us we’re suffering from “content shock” then on April 1st they give us a full day of annoying bullshat to sift thru. Virality is a drug for these schmucks. My whole day yesterday was sifting thru a bunch of dumb kid shit. You know whats fun for me? Making money on my tuesday

  2. Ali Yilmaz says

    So bro, if I am interpreting this correct, we just have to spam the shit out of the moneysite like blog comments, soc bookmarks, directories, articles and shit. So quantity over quality directly to the moneywebsite?

    Thanks in advsnce

    • says

      Woa, no, you couldn’t have interpreted this more incorrect. They have tightened the grip on these spam tactics and are leaning more on “legit” links or those with legit links and active Pagerank. I’m pointing out just the opposite actually, that the easy to generate spam does a better job hurting your comeptitor than ranking your own site.

      That doesn’t mean we’re still not spamming hard as hell, just in a different way. That’s the point, don’t stop, NFG, no fucks given.

  3. says

    Nice Article Jacob. This is spot on. petal to the metal SEO is really working in 2014. I started the year off fresh and said – you know what – I am going to take all the shit that I had heard not to do over the last 15 months and…. just… do it! Lots of it! (And it works!)

    Nice to see you are still around. Take Care!

  4. LD says

    Amen to that. Google is the king of smokescreen tactics (AKA Matt Cutts), things still work. You gotta test things for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I learned that the hard way but glad I broke free of the propanda and the SEO circlejerk as I once heard it reffered to lol.

  5. says

    I quit giving a shit about Google a long time ago. They aren’t buying my products so why should I? My blog used to have a PR of 4, which I thought was pretty good, but since I DO use Myblogguest, It has dropped to a big fat Zero! But you know what? I refuse to remove any articles or links off my site. I really don’t understand all this BS from Google and they aren’t going to control who or what I put on my blog. I still get a ton of traffic to my site and plenty of sales, so not sure what all the fuss is about anyhow. Page Rank? Who cares? Love your stuff Jacob!! You Rock.

  6. Pumper Sites says

    The key is to cut through all the noise and test for yourself what works.

    Most people are over thinking it. Spam still works great if done correctly.

    You can churn and burn with 301’s or be safe running it through buffer sites but good spam still works.

  7. Klayne says


    Sorry, that was stupid.

    But Seriously, people don’t have the balls to do something spammy, as the propaganda has worked. If Matt says so, then it must be true, that’s just so fucked up. People should be thinking this way : Why would google give “Tips and Tricks” on how to rank on Google, all they care is revenue and licking stockholders ass. It’s not worth barging about it, as people are so superstitious and believe in all what is told to them. But at least it’s not a problem only in SEO, but in everything.

    Meh, at least we have less competition.
    Good Luck to the Whitehaters sitting on page 26 !


    • says

      Yeah page 26 really sucks. Myblogguest is such a perfect example of how Google uses the NFG approach with “stopping spam” or as I like to call it, “moving the Adwords revenue needle”

      • Klayne says

        Google loves to have a brown nose from the stockholders. Googles algorithm
        is so fucked up, and they won’t be able to change the core of the algo any time soon, and because of that, they will get hit them selfs in the future.

  8. Matt says

    Quick question on the “good” links you were referring to in point # 2 of your post: for local organic SEO (non-Places/Maps) do you consider these to be “good”:

    * Traditional citation listings (Insiderpages, Kudzu, HotFrog, etc)? If so, are you linking to these with do-follow Web 2.0 (manual or RankWyz/FCS Networker type)? If so, are you using generic & brand anchor text a lot, or are you going all out w/ optimized anchor text?

    * For local organic SEO, when doing a private blog network, are you buying domains with relevance to the city/region? Example: If I want to rank for competitive phrases in Houston (e.g. Houston plumber, Houston chiropractor, etc.) are you buying Houston expired domains with a clean backlink history and possible PR1+?

    If not, are you buying expired domains with higher PR which are relevant to the industry for the client you would promote? Example: instead of buying a PR1 Houston-oriented expired domain, you would buy a PR3 expired domain about chiropractors and use it to boost a Houston chiropractor client?

    * Press releases w/ legitimate news, even if the “no follow” tag is in place?

    * Profile pages on event sites (Zvents, Eventful, etc.) if promoting a legitimate event locally for a business?

    Thanks for your help in clarifying. Great post, and glad to see a post that has some serious intensity on a day (April 1) when people think they are funny by posting goofy stuff!


    • says

      Yo, sure those are aight.

      * Hell yeah you could link those with any kind of spam, use a natural anchor distribution like normal, brand/url/generic/KWs/etc

      * Not my bag but hell no, you’re never going to build a PBN that way, you could make a general PBN or a niche relevant one. In your case you could make on just about plumbing and link cities all over, or do one about general contracting stuff, or just do one totally general or what I would call a spam net. I’m all about the powerful links to the domain, relevance not so much.

      * Sure if you’re not paying for them and can rank them also, optimize the title and spam it also. Otherwise the link isn’t make or break.

      * Profile pages, sure yeah those are good.

      Take care Matt!!!

  9. Lisa C says

    If unique, high quality content does not matter? does this mean I can use Kontent Machine to create me 10 articles for my tier 1 campaigns? and I wont get penalized? I thought the penguin updates where to protect against spam & the panda updates to protect against duplicate, low quality content?

    I have bought GSA on your recommendation and taking the plunge but I have no idea on how to use it Jacob, are you able to fire me any pointers and tips?


    Awesome post,

    Lisa x

    • says

      Ok, like anything, it can be up for interpretation.

      But along the lines of ranking sites, right now with today’s algo, it can be done with complete garbage content, yes from KM but that is conditional.

      By garbage content, I mean scraped mashup junk, but there are a few conditions.

      1. It must be relevant. What does relevant mean? It’s on the topic you’re trying to rank.

      1. The outputs MUST pass copyscape

      3. Free of typos

      So yes you could use KM, but there is a consistency issue there. Depending on your keyword, the scrape might be very light and the template might suck. Or even with a good template, you might get some really similar outputs. Penguin was about anchor text and mass deindexing blog networks. I’m not really sure what panda was about lol, I forgot because it really wasn’t that significant to me.

      No one can say you will or won’t get penalized, my point is to play the game with the NFG approach and you won’t care because you’ll have set it up so you can still win with an occasional site falling.

  10. says

    Hi Jacob

    Glad you’re still alive.

    Your homemade graphics are fast becoming the stuff of legend!

    I’ve been laughing about this latest one for most of lunchtime :-)



  11. Pierre Dupont says

    Yeah, I am up for kicking G in the nuts.

    You raise a very good point about living in perpetual fear with regards to links. Some testing I have done support your “strategy”, in that I bought 100 PR blogposts for a test site.

    Test site now sits happily on page one (between #3 and 5) for all targeted keywords.

    Go figure…

  12. SkyPat says

    Couldn’t agree more. Even whitehat SEO after all is by no means “safe”… also do you remember how “have quality content, build good links slowly, diversify anchors” was considered a no-brainer in SEO a few years ago? Well, my rankings told me otherwise lol…

    Only question is, what works these days, which services can you buy etc.?
    Obviously they have changed SOMETHING and atm I can only painstakingly test this and that to see what the fuck stops my sites from ranking for perfectly beatable keywords.

    Any tips on what to do and what to avoid? OK so that link gig from Fiverr might be a good idea, granted, but what about blog network links, high PR backlinks from Blackhatworld?

    No talk about “quality”, “good link portfolio” or any of this Voodoo stuff please. In the spirit of NFG SEO the only think important is ROI, read: Will I rank with this method or, even better, service?

    • says

      Yeah fuck it right, let’s get down to the meat, because TBH I never actually said wtf is really working. Sruprsied more people didn’t call me out on that, bro thanks for the rant, now how do I rank some shit? That’s what I’d be asking at least.

      Things have changed a little, but not crazy.

      Mostly the stuff on BHW is gonna be pure shit and only provide temproary results until that network gets pinched and penalize every OBL on the network without blinking an eye. Cutts probably rubs one out after every big network bust, that’s how much he gets off on taking network down and teaching his lessons.

      I think the big thing they changed is you need a larger proportion of “quality” or “high PR links” which most people are referring to them as. It’s not necessarily the high PageRank, some people get confused about that and then trying to call me out. It’s just bomb ass quality links, and PageRank is always going to be present on such links.

      Not like you need a massive amount of them though, so don’t get scared. You really don’t need a ton actually, and the results are dramatic. Then the results of GSA and automated spam are still there, it’s all about having enough good links so their stupid filters don’t trip but still cramming some spam down their throat.

      • Bill Wilson says

        When I first started out in all this, I had the impression you needed 100,000 backlinks, just random, garbage links.

        I never did that. Almost everything I did was “white hat” simply because I didn’t know how or never bothered with the garbage spamming. Meanwhile, my sites ranked, got linked NATURALLY based on the CONTENT, and I ended up with a PR1 and PR3 site, both of which make money, both ranked well (but I sure wish I could nudge them up a bit further).

        But these were less competitive niches. I imagine with competitive niches, the importance of building a web 2.0 tier 2 link pyramid becomes much more essentially (something I also never did).

        My point is, even 20 good backlinks are worth way more than 1000 garabge links. I don’t know WHY that gets so heavily promoted, especially on Fivrr! Obviously people don’t know what they’re doing who are buying those products, it sounds good to newbies “Oooo 5000 backlinks!”, unless they are spamming a competitor.

        • says

          They’re idiots, seriously.

          It’s very simple logic, if someone is skilled with GSA SER for example and can rank sites, would they really be offergin $5 blasts on Fiverr? Or any person that can actually consistently influence ranks for that matter? The answer is no, they are busy ranking sites and banking those monies.

          These offers are for the sheep, and for angry competitors.

  13. Launder says

    I think i’m inspired!

    I’m now on towards a case study of spamming quality links!
    Blast as much backlinks as I can with PR2+ and not care about anything!

  14. Larry says

    This is exactly the kind of article I was waiting for all the past months. I am tired of reading moz’s articles of saying link building is all about building relationships and all these link earnings bull crap. I mean who has the f’in time for all of these shit. Lets just do NFG SEO

  15. says

    Either you’re doing SEO (spamming your way to the top), or you’re doing advertising and PR. If you’re doing advertising, you better have the chops to compete with ad creatives and media buyers who have been creating content (digital and print) and placing it effectively for decades. If you’re doing PR, you’re competing with Edelman etc’s Rolodex. Good luck with that Mr. Link Builder.

  16. says

    This post is the reason your site is my favorite SEO blog. Looking forward to the next one!

    Always love to see someone tell it like it is. Kind of sick of all the “whitehat” blogs. They all say the same thing.

  17. Emmett Moore says

    Ok, here is where you are fucking stupid…High DA with no spammy link profile is what is working now. End of discussion. You want high PA? I have a cum sock full of PR6+ with 60 thousand Chines backlinks pushing Louie Vitton. You want those bro? I got plenty. And a great price too!

    Amazing people listen to your dribble.

    • says

      It is pretty amazing, and I’m glad you dropped in, made it all the way down through the dribble, and actually posted a comment.

      How often do you find these high DA domains with no spam? You’re basically just reinforcing my point, “high DA with no spammy link profile”, yet DA scales with spam. So what’s the point in even considering that?

      Of course I don’t mean PR6 domains that have been bombed on, pure PR, from legit live PR links to that domain. Or “High DA” if you’d like to call it that.

    • WhatDoing says

      If you think DA is a good metric, you’re a shitty SEO. Pretty simple equation. Nice article Jacob

  18. says

    Hey there, I just want to share my findings. In January I started Amazon niche project: a website where I presented about 20 products. I created about 45 pages of fresh content and overall invested sum of money reached ~700$ just for the content. I followed metrics on GWT to see organic opportunities thrown by good and found that Google recommends me 7 keywords to rank for which are of course really long-tail.

    I waited a month to see what GWT will show up again and found that they recommended only 4 keywords at this time.

    I’m getting about 2 visitors a week : ) ( more like :DDD ) . So yeah – white hat doesn’t work. Nobody cares if your content matched 5$ tag or 250$ tag ( I have both types of content on my website ) .

    For one page I did link-building campaign with web 2.0 ‘pumper’ (I loved that name from web stone-age) sites and after three weeks I see no improvements.

    My conclusions are:

    1. Build PR links.
    2. Build PR links.
    3. Build PR links and when you will do that – build another site as your web property on which you work-on will be penalized in the period of 2 to 50 weeks.

    I wish you all strength of stone.

    • says

      Pretty much haha,

      Nobody cares if your content matched 5$ tag or 250$ tag ( I have both types of content on my website )

      Well I’m not sure that is true, but with Google that is 100% the truth, but even more extreme then you probably realize. With powerful links you can rank anything, pure garbage scraped mashup content, then test with compositions written by PhD writing professors, results will be very similar keeping all things equal.

      Links are everything, a lot of these notions of “quality content” in an algorithmic sense are just a fugazi.

  19. Attis Barros says

    It would seem like it’s true, I’ve started experimenting last week althought I have not seen any movements yet on SERP with all links from at least
    PR: 1
    OBL: 0-30(30 being the highest)

  20. Zuli says

    Hi, I have been linked to this article from another forum. I would like to ask what exactly you consider NFG SEO? Just blast money site with GSA SER PR 0+ and -50 OBL all links? From blog comments to articles? I am pretty new at SEO and making 2 web 2.0 for every page of my blog is killing me and not helping my serps at all

  21. says

    More than agree with you Jacob; but when working on sites that need to last, SPAM becomes something that you have to look twice at – sure, we could spam the fuck out of our domains and we’ll rank – the question then becomes, how long for? Then also comes the question “we spent ‘x’ hours/days/years on this domain, is it worth it to churn & burn?”

    For some businesses, building a brand is first, then SEO; but if you have a branded domain you can’t afford to lose, what other choice do we have but to hold hands with Google & dance?

    • says

      Network, just got to make sure no one finds it. Def can’t be “spamming” with the traditional tools, which brings up the other issue of attempting to build a brand and leverage SEO. Your competitors can churn and burn you with those very tools, that’s where my overall pessimistic view of SEO comes from right now.

      TBH I wouldn’t even say I’m necessarily churning and burning these days, granted I’m building/diversifying enough to prepare for sites to get slapped, that’s part of the game. But every site I built I intend it to rank for the long haul, using a mixture of link types/sources and anchor text accordingly.

    • says

      I completely agree with you, although I agree with Jacob too! It all depends on the type of project you’re working on.
      For example, if you have a long-term project or work for a serious company, then it’s better to use their resources and connections and avoid spam.
      But if you want to “get and forget”, NFG is the right choice. Even staying one month on the first page for “Garcinia Cambogia” can be god damn good. Like I said, depends on the type of project!

  22. Jesse Parker says

    Hi Jacob,
    I’m really glad that you released this post, it really reflects the current state of SEO.

    You mention a lot the fact that negative-SEO has become part of the game now, I personally don’t engage in that kind of stuff but I would surely like to know what can we do to protect ourselves from it?

    • says

      Hey Jesse, yeah It’s not something I ever have time for really but I always reserve the right to fuck someone up if I have to.

      There really is no way to protect against it, the post I linked tells the story pretty well, someone could just start slamming trackbacks and comments at you for the anchor text “porn movie” and have you knocked off within a week.

      Then my buddy is scrambling to submit disavow files as the spam continues to roll in.

  23. says

    For awhile, RCS was the industry slang of the day – now I just hope NFG catches on in the same way.

    If you give two, or maybe a flying … then wave to me as I go by … just make sure you wave UP because I’ll be above you.

    • says

      I thought about applying as a black hat world speaker with this as my preso title, lol. I’m def surprised already at how many people are referencing NFG.

      Like, “look at this link profile, this dude is going totally NFG”

      Or, “man I’m tired of worrying about these anchor text ratios, time to get NFG”

      And, “Unique articles are costing me too much money, need some of that NFG content”

  24. says

    So what is meaning of this article ?
    SPAM the shit out of google (that will live until search results will be human moderated )
    SPAM is not just gsa seo.

    +Google not gives a FUCK to moz metrics. why will the biggest search engine rely on a moz bot that is hosted on 2-3 dedi servers ?
    (Ahref domain rank is better then moz , because ahref index 2x links then moz)

  25. Leo Dimilo says

    I gotta say I’m amused by this. My only question is how many of your websites have been wiped out using the above methods? A legitimate business looking for long term results would tow a very dangerous line doing what you are suggesting. And I’m not talking about companies that use jargon like “money sites”. Most companies that I have dealt with have one site that they are trying to compete in search with, not a web of websites nestled in between 2nd, 3rd, etc. tiered websites.

    Maybe it works for you…maybe you are into churn and burn…but it would be totally irresponsible for me to do SEO work for a company going down that rabbit hole.

    But hey, that’s me.

    Entertaining read either way.

    • says

      Glad you’re amused. I refer to any site I’m trying to rank as the Money Site or MS. Yes that can take on many forms, typically it’s just a few page simple site, very low overhead.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t run a “big brand” site as well with a large active community, pushing consistent monthly Google traffic.

      So how do I rank that site you ask? Obviously I don’t go lighting it up with some contextual link spam nor would I do that in a professional situation for someone with a high value asset with tons of natural equity.

      Either way, that is not the point I’m making. My point is SEO is a shit show, following any conventional wisdom is suicide, and now everyone has sworn off automated spam tools, meanwhile the amount of douchebags taking up negative SEO is at an all time high.

      And not just the annoying kind of neg SEO that clutters up ahrefs, the kind that actually makes sites drop 50 spots. Seen it several times personally. This post shows how my buddies WordPress podcast got spammed to hell and knocked off the ranks in under 7 days. He did EVERYTHING by the book, the site was almost two years old, 100% natural links and someone lights it up with all the same anchor “porn movie”.

      How are you going to look a new client in the eye and tell them you’re taking the “safe” route without any natural link building today, the pure content marketing like a boss method. I have no problem with it, I actually enjoy creating good content, hence this blog, but the reality is in its early stages someone could have easily blasted a missile at me if they so pleased. And they did, but fortunately my link profile withstood the blast.

      Either way, legit SEO is hard as hell and takes forever, I just don’t see doing that for a client or anyone but myself. It’s a long drawn out battle of highs and lows that takes crazy persistence. More than that, you need to be an expert on your subject or it’s completely pointless. No outsourcing “quality content”, keyword optimizing, and hoping for the best in today’s space.

      As for the means I would take, they are safer than what you do. I would take all possible measures to insulate the site and control 100% of the links, and I would hide them from all backlink tools.

      So in that case I think I’m safer and you’re selling snake oil, because the truth is the “safe” route has completely changed. Unless you have a team of super creative people that can just blow stuff up on a regular basis, in that case, play it clean all day. But did you dabble in guest posting in the past? Tell your clients that was the safe way to build links?

      If so, how’s that working for you?

      As for putting a number on how many of my websites have been wiped, my record is pretty damn good these days. Any site of mine that gets smacked deserves it and should have been hit months prior. If I want a site to stick, I’ll make it stick. I’ll make three stick. I never specifically said churn and burn was the takeaway for this ranting/rambling, it was to tell people they should be testing everything and stop falling victim to the same FUD and propaganda over and over agin. They fight spam with a two fold approach, the first is the tangible algorithmic changes we have seen and are able to measure, the second is the mental side

      Things you think you know about SEO, are they really true? See I’ve had so many wake up calls like that, no, wow, something I thought was true is completely opposite and everyone in the industry thinks the same, holy shit moment. Then you can’t help but wonder, what else have I been programmed to think, this keeps me in the lab testing and pushing the limits. And for those reasons I just keep going farther down the rabbit hole.

  26. Brandon says

    Oh man, you said the F word, you’re so hardcore man. All those other people who cringe at cool swears like that are totally not up for real F’n awesome SEO like you and me bra. Because we say the F word in a blog post.

    Totally baller man. YOLO.

  27. says

    Hey man, I can’t agree with you more on this: 2. Links are everything. Links, links, links, and good ones.

    As a guy trying to build traffic to an ecommerce store over the past year, I gotta tell you, most of my competitors are so NFG that I’m just left saying F! These are guys that have the spammiest, shittiest link profiles(I’ve got the CSV dumps to prove it), the most 1990s sites, but big G still has the GALL to rank them higher than me, with my clean links and awesome content. NFG! NFG!

      • Aka says

        Didn’t they get hit from G? Are you still using them with success?

        You also mentioned u blocked crawlers like ahrefs, how do I do this?

        Lastly, for private networks, what’s best place/option to buy domains? Godaddy expired domains have a lot of pr domains for $5-$10 but have no other metrics, are you saying no other metric matters and as long as it has pr I can rank with just this?

  28. Rob says

    Great post Jacob.

    Interested to see what part the histoircal theme of domain matters

    E.g. If you were buying an existing domain to use for a money site would you go with

    a) A site with DA of say 25+ but a good clean backlink history, in the same context that you intend to use it (i.e. previously a golf site, intend to use for Golf) but PR1


    b) As high a PR domain as possible, but on a completely different topic (which may include some KW backlinks)

    • says

      Hrmm, buying existing domains for Money sites is always challenging since they don’t always perform the way we want them to. If it was for MS, definitely go with the relevance if I had to choose. If it’s for links, then I’d go with the higher PR but only if it was pure without any spamming or KW backlinks.

      But then you see people ranking totally random shit on competitive SERPs and doing just fine. The problem I’ve ran into personally with this approach is consistency. To summarize, if you have a relevant domain with pure links, then it’s worth testing a money site on her.

      • Rob says

        Cool, thanks for your input.

        I was erring on the side of relevancy for MS so you’ve confirmed that.

        Thanks Again.

  29. Murph says

    Well fuck me. I live my outside of work life by a strict NFG model. I go on a vacation every year with a whole cruise of people that literally follow that same model (shit gets weird)

    How did I get brainwashed?!

    I came into the SEO game right when shit was really getting turned on its head in 2010 and I bought into the powder puff message of the Moz Machine

    Well now I am too deep down the wrong path apparently. I need guidance dammit

      • says

        Yeah, we live by No Fucks Given on Holy Ship (that is the cruise I spoke of) and shits gets weird is a mainstay as well. So it makes sense

        I signed up for your newsletter and am going to revisit your blog when I am out of the office. I am not sure it would be kosher to do for the law firm where I work

        But, my side projects could use a NFG approach. I am upset with myself that I needed this awakening

  30. no2K says

    Jacob, what kind of links would you suggest to aim at your website since what you said is that links are the most important? Of course, relevant links but to be more specific, if I were to blast my website with quality links, what would you find most helpful in terms of ranking?

    My next question stands towards the spun content. If they are human readable, and one hundred percent unique would you use it for your “MS”?

  31. DJ says

    Great post and I like the same tools you like, so I decided to read your blog. I couldn’t agree with you more….Nothing stronger than a PBN with Spyder Spanker and some high PR domains behind it, but they key is balancing out your anchor text and making your sites link profile look like CNN, Google’s and the BBCs with a low percentage of your money keywords and high percentage of “other anchor text”.

    BTW, I think your spinner must of busted on this anchor of yours or maybe it was just a clever variation :) …. “the {white|grey|black} hat seo blog –”

  32. DJ says

    I thought that might be the case seeing the syntax looked correct. I’m thinking about buying GSA on one of your other posts and using to link to my Rankwyz 2nd tier with, what is your honest opinion….do they still seem to work well for T2 linking?

  33. Jon Schalk says

    So what you are saying is that we should just build as many contextual backlinks to our money site as possible as long as they’re high quality backlinks?

  34. Jon says

    Thank holy fuck for this post. I’m sick to death of reading high-horse self-righteous crap about quality content in blog posts as if we’re all a bunch of naughty children being read the riot act.

  35. Matthew says

    Keep it up Jacob.

    I have a PhD in Biology. I have learned more important things from you than my teachers at school. Learning SEO for 5 years now, this article totally agrees with my understanding and the conclusions I have come to lately.

  36. Jason says

    You mentioned disliking Moz. A respected SEO person says that since Google only updates PR twice a year, You could pick up a domain showing PR1 but Moz showing 4 for a good deal as the Moz rank is mkore up to date. What do you think?

    • says

      Yes that is correct, PR only updates when it updates. But that doesn’t make Moz’s real time spam metric any better.

      To clarify, I mean PR contingent upon everything else being pure and legit, not just PR in general.

  37. says

    Love your work man! Changing my attitude from scared little Google-yes boy to NFG, is what’s allowing me to make more money from SEO in the last six month then I did the previous two years lol

    Thanks for the awesome post
    – Gotch

  38. jon says

    type ” best adjustable dumbbells” in google that drupal site is making money!! with super spam gsa bomb!! :D

  39. Justin says

    Jacob, are you still a fan of tiered linking using SER, as in your previous post? I know SER is great at building some really awful links. But that’s just because most people check every engine and blast away.

    I know “high PR links” are all the rage these days. But I’m on a fairly limited budget and am already running a copy of SER + captcha breaker on a VPS. I’ve done pretty well with some sites using nothing else. Obviously lower competition. But enough to earn a hundred bucks a month or so on each site. (Gotta keep scaling.)

    Just curious as to how you feel about SER these days.

    • says

      SER is still SER these days, just on its own your gonna have a tough time ranking big boy keywords. But small shit I could rank all day, it’s all about the anchor text, site list, and filters you’re using.

      Fundamentally nothing has changed, Google has just pushed the lever more and tighten things up on easy to generate spam making up a large % of your link profile. That’s why high PR links are the rage, because as G pushes that lever more stopping the low quality mass spam, the authority “quality” stuff suddenly carries way more weight.

      The ultimate is combining everything, network and GSA together to completely punch Google in their dick hole.

  40. mindlesswizard says

    Awesome article KING !! Been helping a friend of mine with PPD and i do it all the “churn and burn” way. Spamming blogspot url with GSA and ranking it easily to page 2 in a matter of days. And yeah this work.

    I now want to try out on some custom domains with NFG SEO and i have seen people spamming the hell out of their domain and ranking for a short time and then 301 redirecting the domain to a new one. Not sure if this is true shit or wrong, but they say that the 301 redirect filters the penalties and passed the DA to the new domain. People are doing these stuffs with new domains and i have seen this.

    Any thoughts ?

    • says

      Penalties pass through 301s, no way around that, but, on the other side of that, they also pass the good juice as well.

      For the most part, people are completely clueless about 301s, myself included until I started testing more with them.

  41. says

    Awesome post Mr King and the best part is that you No-Follow Matt blog :) Simple beautiful, I really respect your work and totally agrees that Google is just an online form, not the Pope of San Francisco.

  42. rodney says

    what i found to be funny its people still thinking about grey white hat, but technically there is no such thing, as when you build a single link you are violating Google guidelines. so in other words, there is only BLACK HAT
    i think what im goig to say next its sounds stupid but who cares, i always wanted to say it, if i have the opportunity to see cuts in person i will give him one punch in his balls , and say, thats whitehat..:)

  43. Matt says

    Your post is like an angry tirade by someone who obviously got pinched
    by old Google. The key to ranking is to create what looks to be natural
    backlinks. In many cases, you don’t need thousands of links to get ranked.

    Telling people to spam the hell out of there site is suicidal. While content may not
    be king, spamming links to a site from all directions won’t end well.. unless you
    are just a churn and burn type of person that gives no regard to the end user.

    • says

      Definitely a rant/ramble/tirade.

      I never said to spam the hell out of your site, do whatever it takes to rank big keywords, which for most normal humans isn’t playing it by the book.

      It’s by hitting the sweet spot with GSA and network and treating Google like the dumb link hungry little slut that she is.

      I’m the type of person who tries to make money, so yes “churn and burn” is a portion of my effort. But I do have more targeted approaches for big keywords that will stick a site for the long haul, meh to each his own.

      If you haven’t been seriously pwned by Google multiple times you suck ass at SEO. It’s been a while for me fortunately, knock on wood, speaking of which, P3 is coming, knock on wood again.

      • Bill Wilson says

        I was thinking about Fiverr — a lot of newbies seem to have the impression you need a TON of backlinks, and when they go to Fivrr their senses are overwhelmed with offerings of “100,000 backlinks” for $5.

        It looks so inviting, it looks almost too good to be true! If you DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, Fivrr is a trap, especially for anyone new to SEO or anyone who has a “hobby” site and they are now learning more about SEO and they think they need backlinks, any backlinks they can get.

        Have you ever read the reviews on there? I’ve seen gigs that are pure garbage, I mean TRASH, gigs that will DESTROY your site, with 2,000 positive reviews and maybe 15 bad reviews.

        I think there’s a bias in that when people spend $5 for “100,000” of ANYTHING they want to leave a positive review, a nice message, and help out the “little guy” on Fivrr.

        So you have this phenomenon going on, with a LOT of probably “newbie” SEO people trying to rank their sites, and they’re actually DESTROYING their sites (which is good for us, I suppose). It’s actually quite fascinating. Blogs like yours go a long way to helping educate people, though.

        Opportunistic SEOs out there are more than happy to offer up crappy Fivrr gigs to take advantage of the misconception you “need a ton of backlinks”, so it’s a feeding frenzy over there. It reinforces itself — these bad SEOs get paid by a public eating up their “services”.

  44. says

    The moment I read the word “Fuck” i was more than happy because thank God there’s one guy who got the balls to write what’s really going on in their mind, apart from that if not 100% then I’ll surly agree 95% with your NFG rules, If Spamming stop working means 90% of SEO companies will go out of business, are they out of business yet? no, why? because NFG rules is true

  45. Bill Wilson says

    Another poster said “any time you build a link you’re violating Google’s Guildelines”. I would go a step further — any time you are ranking above 100 in their search results, you are violating their Guidelines. By merely accessing the Internet, you are violating their Guidelines. When you wake up in the morning, you are violating their Guidelines. Simply existing is a violation of their Guidelines.

  46. Raghu says

    Jacob, very nice article, I was literally looking out for an answer which I had in my mind since many days especially after penguin; I feel that this article helped me.

    So you say that quality spam will help my website to get better ranking on google?

    I do not use any automated tool, I did tried Ultimate Demon but the submission was too less and I just discontinued. I am planning to use some tool to build quality spam links and follow your NFG SEO and track the results. Do you feel my approach to be a good way to follow NFG SEO you explained here? If yes then,

    Can you suggest me any good tool which I can get with one time payment and without much additional cost for add on feature needed?

  47. Airborne says

    So basically your’e saying that I should Spam the Shit out of my Domain with High PR Links ?

    Now, that is Churn and Burn right ?

  48. Stan says

    Hey Jacob,

    Ahh a breath of fresh air, and no BS.

    I saw someone else comment on Spyder Spanker. Can you comment on this? Is it worth using and do you know if it leaves a footprint across PBN? The forums seem to be telling contradictory stories.


    • says

      I haven’t dug into the plugin files but I don’t use it, it’s just modifying your htaccess from what I understand, I just upload my bot blocker htaccess manually and avoid the plugin.

  49. Ryan Percy says

    Totally agree with this link building strategy, but what in case of Youtube video ranking? Should I keep building more spammy links to my youtube video in order to rank it? Or is there any alternative method for ranking youtube videos?

    • says

      Well I don’t spam YT vids really, always feel like the conversion rate would anger me. But yes, in that case you can definitely spam way harder compared to a brand new domain for example.

  50. Jay says

    Goddamnit, Jacob. YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!

    It’s NFG SEO for me all the way from here on out.

    Fuck that fucking Cutthole and his band of lackeys. I’m buying up some goddamn PR sites in the coming weeks.

    Keep rockin’ it, bra. You’re my new hero.

  51. Kevin says

    Hey Jacob,

    I like your site pretty much.

    Here I’ve got two questions for you:

    1. Is your post before this one is still relevant ( So one can combine your graphic ( to the “broken-tiered-link-building”-post?

    2. Have you tried just spamming the hell out of GSA to a Amazon affiliate-site for a specific niche (and have had success)?


    • says

      Thanks, I like your comment pretty much as well.

      1. Yes the connection is still relevant, this approach works and not giving a fuck about it is the ideal way to go.

      2. I haven’t personally but it doesn’t take you long to find some health products and supplements SERPs with amazon page spammed to hell ranking top and soaking up that lovely spam with that domain just fine. I say give it a whirl.

  52. Kiran Panekar says

    How to create a good spam links to your sites and how we can differentiate between good spams and bad spams, does there any measure for the same ?

  53. says

    now this is the article which gives me the stone cold feeling that if you agree with me than give me a …..Hell yeah. :D…. now this is some real strategy :).. we should stop worrying about google and start working on the way like old days, i mean if you can spam in a better way you still got chance to blast the rankings.. i tried it couple of times and it still worked

  54. lee says

    Throw in a few swear words and everyone wets their pants?? Im supprised you not riding on the “smoke weed train” as well just to get all those militant SEO stoners onside. Yhea you rock whooo.

    The truth is you need authority themed links.

    But it is amusing :)

      • John says

        DO you think something changed after the last Google update in May? Before that, I was ranking sites with GSA all day but now. I can’t rank anything. Sites go to page 2,3 then disappear permanently. Don’t know what to do.

        • says

          Def was a bit of a shakeup on some super spammy SERPs and I noticed some sort of a refresh/update to specifically my sites with a high % of GSA links.

          Sounds like you need some more authority beyond just using GSA such as some blog network action.

          • John says

            Hmm yeah you are right. I got to mix up sape or pbn links and then see how it goes.

            btw, still waiting for your new post :D

          • says

            YES ^^ exactly. Yup it’s on my list for this week, I’m probably going to turn it into an ebook behind an email optin, been wanting to do that forever and haven’t had an idea that justified it. Was marinating on this big ass make money SEO guide and realized I had it lol.

  55. wholeyolk says

    ..oh the language – my fucking eyes! but truly nice work Jacob. A lot of people agree with you.
    Chris Rempel’s been saying the same thing for quite a while now. Churn ‘n burn. Don’t listen to what G says… watch what they do. They sell ads – LOTS of ads

  56. says

    Hey Jacob, I just burst out laughing at your picture of NFG SEO.. ‘Build links, chill, build links, #1 yet!?’…

    If you are in agency then yes, this is dodgy. If you rank and bank, then fuck it.. Do what works and makes you money. Google doesn’t give a fuck about you or your niche site.

    Loving the honest writing here..

    You said GSA can bring DA up to 40+? I have a question regarding a few PR3-4 domains with low DA that I bought a while ago. They are up for renewal and I recently purchased GSA SER and GSA CB, Proxies, VPS the whole toolkit for black hat shenanigans. I was going to let them go but after reading this I am considering renewing and blasting with some GSA love..

    I make a decent living off selling links via my own PBN, so if I can get DA above 30 with PR3 it is kind of gold.. What are your thoughts on this, oh wise one?!

    Or should I be hiding robots and stuff?

    • says

      Yes, GSA or any spam links can increase DA, that’s why that metric blows donkey balls.

      It basically just tells you this domain *might be good. But if you have some peeps buying links who are just after that “DA” then give them what they want haha.

      I would just be careful not to taint your network domains with GSA spam just in the interest of raising DA. But to answers your question, hell yeah GSA will increase the DA number, a monkey can do that. I think there are some value adding ways to increase the DA if you’re into that, or you could just spam em up.

      • John says

        I was testing this with Tumblr blogs and I managed to get them up to a DA of 3. but hell its not worth anything

    • Nauf Sid says

      DA/PA/PR can be boosted with spam links but Trust flow is harder to manipulate. GSA would do the trick in this case.

  57. Kaashif Karriem says

    This is by far the best post I have read to date on seo in a long long long time.This has always been what I was thinking but could never put it into words as well as you have. End of the day my point of view is a simple one as long as Google’s algorithm is based on a backlink back to your site to determine your ranking ,A LINK IS A LINK as long as its not from any bad neighborhoods END OF DISCUSSION.

    Every link counts….

    Thanks for the post it was a brilliant read..

    ps: i have copied your drawing from your white board onto my mine at the office.. lol

  58. Alireza Tamadoni says

    Hey Jacob, you deserve a reward for this article. Seriously, couldn’t agree with you more.
    Just got back to the Blackhat magic and very excited about my current case studies.

  59. Niro says

    Hi Jacob!
    Love your Blog!

    can you please give an update about the new Google Payday loan update that rolled out a month ago?


    • says

      Oh man, they definitely pushed some buttons, well for me at least lol.

      And a guy I know might have been spamming a shit load of payday sites over the last few months and getting handled quite a bit ;-)

      I dunno man, I just keep spamming.

  60. says

    Excellent post so far I ever read..!! Seeing a lot’s of sites using black hat methods and are top of the google at the moments — The sites I am seeing on the top of google are using PURE SPAM method — Even, I built couple of sites a few months ago and did SPAM to those sites and working like charm now. All my main and few supported kws are on top, so it’s crazy result I have gootton.

    Jacob, what is your suggestion about SAPE links? Better to use as tier 1 or Tier 2


    • says

      Uh oh you just said the dirty word, S**E, I know nothing about that, nothing at all ;-)

      Well I will say this, I’m not a fan, SAPE pisses me off, would rather just invest in blog network instead of paying daily fees for links that every jackass on BHW has had a run at, including a doucherific SEO blogger who likes tweeting at Cutts and letting him know about his rankings.

  61. Classydude says

    Made me smile when i saw you no-followed the link to matt cutts blog hehe.

    And i love your posts :).


    • says

      Cheers from NY, probably find some bomb shnitzels here.

      Only steers and _____ from texas, and you sure don’t look like a steer!!!!!!! Sorry couldn’t help myself, probably one of the most annoying jokes a Texan could hear. I digress…

      • says

        Really, I’m a transplant from Germany.( IE Schnitzelboy, Sausage-boy would sound too funny) Came over to the US 36 years ago.
        Picked up SEO 2 years ago, still a lot to learn for an old man, but I love it.
        Also like your style not worshipping the golden calf, i.e. google.
        Cheers from old San Antone

  62. says

    Dude i have gone through so many master SEO blogs and your attitude and ability to carry big cajones is what i’ve been looking for. Let me be your grasshopper. Also where is your GSA SER tutorial that i recently read from a older post? All the tutorials ive found are full of holes and leave me more confused than ever. I can start a campaign but i definitely dont have the warm and fuzzy to be able to chill as portrayed 3 of this article. Cheers man.

    • says

      I’ve toyed around with the idea of a GSA tut forever, just changes so rapidly and I keep getting so damn good and not wanting to share my setup. Not sure, trygint o get some direction with this blog since it’s getting some decent traffic. Appreciate the kind words, I do pride myself on cajone size.

  63. Tony says

    Great Article :) I really enjoyed it. I was struggling with Seo but after reading your awesome article its given me the push I need :). Do you throw in PBN Links or just use GSA and thats all.

  64. says

    I get all this JK. It’s solid gold.
    What I would say though is, that it speaks mostly to micro and mini site builders.
    I only fish in the biggest seas. Golfing holidays to Portugal, Car Hire, mainstream sports and personal finance.
    Here, click-through from a great tier one accounts for almost 80% of my traffic. In fact in the Golf niche it’s as close to 100% as makes no difference. Badly spun content on tier one would kill my business over-night.

    I get that most IM’s don’t do what I do. They go “keyword fishing” and “niche hunting” using tools to find low hanging fruit and build a website on whatever it is they find.

    But a sizable minority work the other way around, they write on their passions, interests or fields of expertise (my “passions” and “fields of expertise” still don’t overlap as much as I’d like)
    For us, a readable and engaging tier one is vital.
    That’s not white hat SEO, it’s just not micro or mini site building.
    It’s also not to say that automation can’t be used. I get unique click through capable content from KM and Word AI mash ups all the time.

    It’s not Mark Twain, but it’s not Shania Twain either

    What’s your thoughts on that JK?

    • says

      Hrmm, well you know I can totally respect working on something you’re passionate about, look at this dumb blog here, who’d a thought I’d be getting links from Moz and other “legit” sites but see passion and hustle does pay dividends. This is why my stance on doing anything in between (grey hat) is so firm, I feel trying to recreate this same approach in a niche you’re not *truly passionate about is destine for failure and wasted resources. That’s why I prefer to go as cheap as possible and with as little personal investment in my sites.

      Google is just such a picky little slut, I hate putting on my Sunday’s best just to get told she’s not DTF today but has a date with the dirt ball next door. Especially when that Sunday’s best means paying for dev work, baller content, etc. Been burned too many times I guess, and when you’re packing the proper link power in certain niches that’s all that matters.

      But if you’re creating readable, unique, click throughable content with KM and Wordai, more power to you. My content gets the job done but is far from “readable” lolz.

  65. Ross Yanez says

    Hello Jacob, the king.

    I was living under a rock and did not know that your content (this one) has received many attentions from other SEOs in

    I have not seen you respond to them. Well, no fucks given…

    I’m on your side, man.

  66. says

    Hello, i just found your blog and it is loaded with good seo shit. Im in the process of buyig domains and i have two quick questions.

    1) You pushed the importance of pr in this post, alot of other seo’s i study push for trust flow like you also mentioned above. I came across a domain for auction that was a pr 6 but had only a handful of backlinks. Would you still considering buying this domain and placing a link to your money site on it?

    I got a link from a site with these metrics TF59, CF58 and a pr2 (fairy low), This site had links to hundreds of other sites on the same page. My brand new domain with 0 metrics jumped up to TF26 CF22

    2) also if you have a site up with decent metrics lets say, pr2, TF20 CF19 etc.and you go out and buy a high metric domain and 301 redirect to your existing site. Will the metrics add up from both sites?

    3) is pr passed through 301 redirects?

    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Ok, damn we hardly know each other, alright I’ll answer these intense questions anyway.

      1) It depends, I’d have to see the domain. History, indexation, PR of the *links to the domain, and yes I do like Trust Flow or TF. My statement about PR being important is conditional, clean legit PR with active PR flowing.

      Hundreds of links? That sounds bad, even on the best domain you don’t want links with 100s of other OBLs.

      2) Gonna have to test that one, never paid attention much to the increase in metrics. If the Majestic can see the 301, it should increase the TF but doubt it would be an even increase.

      3) In short, yes.

  67. dave says

    when setting up pbn’s do you go as far as using different wordpress accounts. Can google find out if sites are associated with the same account. Whether wordpress or a different platform.

    • says

      Different wordpress accounts? I’m confused, like on

      If you are using WP self hosted you don’t need accounts, the software is free to install unlimited times.

  68. Rick Nelson says

    I love this.
    So straight to the point and entertaining!
    Very different from other posts
    This honestly made my day lol
    Thank you =]

  69. Chasity Foskett says

    I was enjoying this game. I was having fun with it for many hours. I quit simply because of this dumb latest up-date…

  70. Ady says

    “…the demon at the gates which Google has sneakily built in is what you need to tackle.”
    Jacob, can you elaborate on this point a little further?

  71. JC Chavez says

    almost joined your private room until I cam across this post….now I’m just focusing on NFG SEO….well see how it goes….lol…

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